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Recreating the mindset with the Word

The move & The Mandate 

New World Faith Ministries transcends denominational walls. It is a move of the Spirit that embraces the miraculous and extraordinary demonstration of The Power of the Holy Spirit and making manifest the Glory of God taking you beyond the Kingdom and opening you to the realm of Revelation and absolute possibilities. We are poised to bring the latest revelation of Christ and His Glory unto the manifestation of sons before His glorious appearance. Raising a remnant of the Body of Christ that will not see physical death or any form of corruption but maximize the full capacity of the God-Life in this earthen vessel to assume immortality; live, remain and abide on earth for His glorious reception! A generation of the body of Christ that will exit the earth at will, by transformation or remain to welcome Christ’s appearance.


Maturing and nurturing you to spiritual growth with the undiluted word of God. Giving you a lift to manifest Sonship. Bringing out the resident Christ in you, To the Full Stature of Christ,  To a Realm where blood is no longer the source of Life; Empty of Blood but yet ALIVE, To a greater light of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, Teaching and Pioneering the Gospel of Sonship and Immortality Empowering the saints to experience a victorious life in Christ.

About Pastor John Anosike

Pastor John Anosike, is President and Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries ~ (Spirit Revelation Church), a multi-cultural, highly dynamic Ministry with a membership of over 8000, in Cape Town, South Africa.

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About Pastor Ola Anosike

Pastor Ola Anosike, is the first lady and Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries ~ (Spirit Revelation Church), Ordained Pastor at a young age, she remained diligent in the study and teaching of the scriptures,

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Building a type, a kind of generation of the body of Christ that will emerge filled with  the Spirit of revelation and power.

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Appointments & Bookings

To make an appointment and book the Man and Woman of God Please contact the Office: +27 21 510 4029 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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